About Us

We've spent enough time working in call centers as programmers, supervisors, operations managers and more, to know how painful call center scripting can be. That's why we set out to combine all our experience into a simple and beautiful self-service tool that anyone can use.  

Meet the team that's making easy and elegant call center scripting a reality.

Marlon Williams

Call Center Programming

Marlon spent 10+ years developing hundreds of scripting applications for large contact centers, from the most basic "instruction-only" scripts to highly interactive and advanced call center scripts. Some of the clients Marlon has designed scripts for include U.S. Marines, Wal-Mart, Procter & Gamble, BankOne, White Castle, and more.

Judson Noel

Call Center Tech Support

Judson has a decade's worth of experience working in both call center technology and operations departments. While pursing his education in information technology, Judson worked as a call center supervisor overseeing the operations for several campaigns. Over time, he was eventually tapped to take over call center desktop and floor support for the IT department where he worked his way up to Network and Systems Administrator.

Demetrius Elder

Call Center Operations

Demetrius has 10+ years of experience as a call center operations manager. Having worked his way up from call center agent to supervisor, up to head of operations in large call centers, Demetrius knows what it's like to be on the receiving end of both irate and happy customers alike. He has had to launch and manage campaigns for the likes of Windstream, Embarq, and Miami-Dade Housing Authority, amongst others.

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