Self-service, drag-n-drop, call center scripting

15+ years of call center script design, now in an extremely beautiful, easy-to-use, and drag-n-drop interface for any call center to use.


How it Works

Creating simple or advanced call center scripts for your campaign is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Create new Flow Script.

Start by creating a new blank Flow Script and add as many Flow Pages within the script to match your campaign's call flow. Common pages include an Introduction, Survey, Closing, and Thank You page.

2. Drag-and-drop controls.

Design each Flow Page by dragging and dropping elements from the Script Controls onto your Flow Pages. With over 15+ controls, such as Script Text, Navigation, Variables, and more, we support 99.999% of scripting needs.

3. Preview and go live!

Preview your Flow Script, which simulates your campaign's call flow. You may edit your Pages as many time as needed - we won't judge you. Once you're ready to go live, just use the auto-generated link for screen-pops!

Maintaining customer history IS important

Countless studies in customer experience and satisfaction shows that resupplying information in subsequent calls (or after being transferred to another agent) is one of the minor annoyances of most callers.

That's one of the reasons why we felt motivated to create Flow Scripts. We make it extremely easy for you to build scripts that maintain historical information on each and every one of your callers. 

Take control of your interactions. Take control of your customer satisfaction rates!

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 We're confident you'll streamline your customer interactions, have more insight into your call flows, and respond much faster to changes as your campaign's requirements evolve.